Law enforcement shouldnt protect people higher in status who always take and take the easy way out

The Justice Department's current interpretation of immigration law even literally requires the deportation of some escaped slave laborers on the theory that the forced labor they performed for their masters qualifies as "material support" for terrorism. Reports of suspected child abuse or neglect shall be made by mandated reporters, or in the case of reports pursuant to Section In small police departments with only a handful of officers, police chiefs investigate and decide whether punishment is appropriate.

The Dawn of Recognition Unfortunately, such stories are not the result of occasional human errors that are bound to occur in any public agency. Louis County Police Department would take such high-profile misconduct seriously.

Whether he exceeded his authority to protect himself remains to be determined in court, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is a police officer. As part of the resolution the judges wrote the following, "Open court proceedings will increase public awareness of the critical problems faced by juvenile and family courts and by child welfare agencies in matters involving child protection, may enhance accountability in the conduct of these proceedings by lifting the veil of secrecy which surrounds them, and may ultimately increase public confidence in the work of the judges of the nation's juvenile and family courts.

Louis County Police led the initial law enforcement response to the unrest in Ferguson -- was a fantastic success for the agency: Based upon the recommendation of the St.

This is the lowest judicial standard of evidence. The value of community policing is confirmed by success stories from various communities. They too often believe that when fathers 'grow their own victim', the fathers shouldn't be held accountable like other offenders.

Going to internal affairs, otherwise known as the Bureau of Professional Standards, seemed like the logical step. Support for the Death Penalty, Theoretically and Practically A clear majority of the police chiefs in the Hart Poll say that capital punishment is not an effective law enforcement tool, even though they support it philosophically.

Because the root causes of violence are so deeply entrenched and so difficult to change, the death penalty presents a tempting "quick fix" to a complex problem. If they see you as a potential terrorist they can detain you as long as they want.

While politicians have extolled the importance of capital punishment in fighting crime, they have failed to assess the actual priorities of those in law enforcement and have saddled the taxpayers with an enormously costly death penalty at the expense of more effective crime fighting strategies.

Likewise, if your husband is violent with you and CPS is looking into the status of the children, CPS has no power to hold the perpetrator accountable for his violence.

Breaking the Law to Enforce the Law

As Sirota correctly points out, such discretion can easily be abused in various ways. Will she protect the child in the future? At first, the mother naturally anticipates that CPS will try to help her and her child, and try to punish and stop the perpetrator.

State and federal legislatures spend an exorbitant amount of time debating the merits of the death penalty. You don't have to be an anarchist or a hard-core libertarian to distrust the government's moral judgment.

For example, federal law 'encourages' child welfare agencies to provide their materials in languages other than English. How are they selected? Does the police officer who is able to ignore traffic laws soon entertain the notion of disregarding other ones as well?

So if CPS receives the initial report, CPS must immediately send a copy of the report to the relevant police agency and to the District Attorney's office, and visa versa. But in brief, CPS agencies were established back in the late 's and 's at a time when a strong national consensus had developed that children shouldn't suffer abuse in the home.

But once CPS determines it's 'more likely than not' that the abuse occurred, that satisfies CPS inquiry into the incidents themselves. With that in mind, and at the suggestion of a St. I could indeed be wrong, as I really am clueless in this area.

If it is wrong to prosecute Hedges for her efforts to save pets during a storm, it is also wrong to prosecute those who violate immigration laws, drug laws, and other similar legislation in order to save innocent people from oppression and death.

This might be true in a world where government was genuinely consensual, in the way private clubs are; members have at least a presumptive duty to obey the club's rules because they agreed to do so when they joined.

Sentences of life without parole, in contrast, begin immediately upon sentencing and are rarely overturned on appeal. Over two-thirds of the police chiefs did not believe that the death penalty significantly reduces the number of homicides.

Stay calm no matter what happens, and remember that you can always report misconduct after things settle down.The FBI is a primary law enforcement agency for the U.S. government, charged with enforcement of more than categories of federal laws. The DEA is a single-mission agency charged with enforcing drug laws.

Inevitably, most of these folks eventually expose themselves as the crooks they are, and often in a big way. The public rightly holds the police to a high ethical standard. When bad cops do bad things, they make headlines. They also make the good, honest, hard-working people who make up the majority of police officers look bad, too.

In debates over issues such as undocumented immigration, the War on Drugs, and others, we often hear the claim that the government should "just enforce the law." If anyone breaks the law, the.

But thanks to the War on Drugs, nothing is ever that easy. When something as stupid as stopping people from possessing marijuana came to be considered a critical law enforcement function, innocence ceased to protect people against police harassment.

The lack of law enforcement powers explains why CPS does not take action against perpetrators.

On the Front Line: Law Enforcement Views on the Death Penalty

The power to remove children explains why CPS so quickly turns its sights on the non-offending parent. Once CPS decides that abuse of a child or violence in the home has probably taken place, the CPS worker must then decide how best to protect the child from future abuse.

Nov 04,  · What law do you think shouldn't be law? Instead of having both a police force and a military, wouldn't it be more efficient to consolidate the two? Do police officers in the US have a higher proportion of smokers than the civilian population?

Law enforcement shouldnt protect people higher in status who always take and take the easy way out
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