Prayer for singles

Not my will, but yours, be done. I come to You with the same Prayer for singles.

Nine Prayers for the Not-Yet Married

God, I want to make you proud. Our Savior genuinely cares for us. Order my loves according to your surpassing worth and beauty, and guard my eyes and mind from being preoccupied with anyone or anything besides you. October 14, Katie Jensen Intro: Thank you Elisha and I thank the almighty for being there for me.

Thank you for this opportunity for them to get away and have fun and build relationships with one another.

Examinations of Conscience

Lord the deepening desire in my heart is for a loving husband — a man of God with whom I can spend the rest of my life in a marriage union. As I pray and study You lead, guide, and direct me in the area of prayer. The text then reveals a facet of Jesus that comforts my soul.

They died a slow physical, mental, and social death. Thank you for their example of faith. Sunday Morning Isolation While I was sitting in our big sanctuary last Sunday, I was very aware of the sermon and its implications on the listeners. Jesus is Our Example John 5: And as I talk to You, may You speak continually back to my heart, and may You be my daily companion who keeps me company, as You walk with me each and everyday.

Prayer Request

You speak to me and I listen. If you want to grow in your prayer life you can ask just like they did. Jesus acknowledged that He was not the manufacturer of what He was doing, but rather simply the distribution center.

Thank You that I can turn to You no matter what happens — and even when I am completely alone, thank You that You are my ever present help in time of trouble. Light is your robe. Tell the world about yourself through my joy and freedom in singleness.

He was off by Himself, away from the disciples, alone with the Father, communing with Him and receiving guidance for His life and ministry. Use me as a conduit through which You flow today and every day.

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Forgive those who follow the desires of their flesh instead of the desires of Your Holy Spirit. They believed that if they learned how to pray like Jesus prayed, that they could actually live like He lived and do what He did.

I will never cease to give You praise for Jesus. They were right and we should learn from their desire to learn how to pray. I prayed at midnight hour and fasted as instructed. He has opened the doors which were closed and i would like therefore to give thanks to the Lord for the wonderful thing he has done for my life and you for your prayers.

Lord into Your hands I commit my future life for I desire to live as You deem best, in the place of Your choosing and in whatever state that You choose for me.We're a multicultural, contemporary church located in the heart of RTP, NC., whose mission is to Reach in love, Restore through the gospel and Redeem through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Mark Rutland. One of our favorite Guest Speakers Dr. Mark Rutland will be back Sunday, December 2 for all three services. Make plans to join us for a powerful message from Dr. Rutland who is. Prayer warrior Elisha Goodman share 12 effective prayer points for Christian singles looking to find their God given spouse.

Before you pray out the points below, please do ensure meditate on the following Bible verses MatthewMatthewGenesis Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers, FL Office: () Now I want to share with other singles the importance of waiting on God, the importance of knowing who and who's they are and living their best single life NOW.

My prayer for every single woman and man is that they too will receive the same: a great husband/wife if this is the will of God concerning their life. If you don’t know where to start in prayer — how to begin talking to God daily, or how to surrender your desires and difficulties in singleness to him — here are nine prayers for the not-yet-married life, each with God’s words to help shape your longing and waiting.

Prayer for singles
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