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How much it was related to the original story was the main question. There is a fire and Ella is hurt. How her father kept wanting to hospitalize her in fact bothered me! The characters are interesting and the story is great. Tanner and the prince fight with swords. The discussion questions at the end of the book really helped me think deeply about family connections between parents and children, siblings and how those connections influence how we act and react with other people.

Their mother becomes increasingly unaware and distant as she works at her loom all day and all night long. The sisters started to mistreat each other and often fought over silly things.

Or will the evil triumph this time? Their mother, devastated by her husband's abandonment, retreats to her spinning wheel, leaving her daughters to fend for themselves.

Treated more like a servant than a family member, she now has to look after her sisters, Katrina and Beatrice. They would often say nasty things to each o Tanner is imprisoned in the dungeon.

Cinder and Ella

However, I almost feel like this story doest qualify as a Cinderella story, because it doesn't have talmost anything in common with the original story. Hollywood sensation Brian Oliver has a reputation for being trouble.

I for one have always been an avid fan of such stories and despite the cynical way with w The father disappears and Cinder end up working in the Kingdom Castle to help support her family and to, in some respects, get away from her sisters and mother.

It was an enjoyable read from start to finish. Then a surprise email from an old Internet friend changes everything. Lemon has a unique approach to the Cinderella story, but I'm afraid the execution needs some help.

Cinder Ella

I use the term 'original' as loosely as possible. He spoke of the injustice and lunacy of the king. In it, the sisters Cinder and Ella are wrenched from their previously happy home after their father disappears.

On top of that, add in a little sexy erotica and bam you have the wonderful adult version fairy-tale you have always loved with a great new twist.

Middle school girls who like fairy tale adventures with a side of chaste romanceWhat I liked: I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley. Cinder and Ella is not a fairy tale story we all know.

Cinder and Ella, along with their parents and two sisters live happily in the village of Willow Top.

More reviews and book trailers at http: The Evil Prince has put darkness into their Father's soul, causing him to change until one day he just disappears. The eldest daughter slapped her very hard across the face and the third daughter ran to her room, her cheek stinging and red.

Cinder & Ella

But when I saw Cinder and Ella, I got no clue. And so melodramatic that it had transformed some emotional scenes into banal ones.

This time, Cinderella's mother is still alive, though she may as well not be. The author, I assume, tried to make us realize this but the execution was so-so because, like I said, this was a fairy tale!

Heather Full review at http: But when Cinder gets a job at the palace as a maid, she becomes involved in magical intrigue involving the evil prince, and also manages to pull her sister Ella into it.

But what are the chances of that happening in real life? For more than half of the book!After their father is lured from home by an evil prince, Cinder and Ella care for their sisters and hardworking but mentally absent mother. (Names excepted, this take on "Cinderella" has little in common with either Perrault's original or Disney's version.).

Jan 08,  · That was crazy but Cinder and Ella didn’t actually meet in *real life* before something like 60% of the story (this is an average). It dragged! It may have been fast-paced and full of (unrelated to the romance) events that weren’t necessarily boring, but it did drag since this, as main purpose, was supposed to be a Cinderella retelling!.

Aug 15,  · Cinder & Ella has 14, ratings and 2, reviews. Claudia said: THIS WAS THE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE I NEEDED. It was so cute (and so cheesy in a good way /5. Ella, the third daughter and the one closest to her father, suffered watching her beloved sister Cinder work as a servant and take care of everyone in the house, including the increasingly spoiled Beatrice.

Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram is a fun yet dramatic story. Know how it entertained and made me fall in love by reading this review here. Ella’s quest becomes dangerous and at times frightening but Ella is determined and strong and finds help in the most unlikely places.

I loved the multi-layered feel to this seemingly simple fairy tale.

Review cinder and ella by
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